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Haifu National Booster 100ml

Haifu National Booster 100ml

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Special Haifu Booster is world spread among professional players,

1- Black oil is the best-selling one, relatively strong, explosive and fast, the feel is slightly harder, suitable for players with a higher level, relatively difficult to control compare to the other 2 Haifu national boosters.

2- Yellow or often called butter color: softens the rubber the most, give you more feeling of the ball and produce more spin.

3- White oil: the new white oil is half way between the black oil and the yellow butter one.

Boosters come in 100ml/bottle, relatively long lasting depending on how often you boost your rubbers.

Remember that the feeling of every single individual is different, some might like hard feeling and some others may like soft feeling, it also depends on the hardness and stiffness of the blade and with which rubbers do you use them.

This should be taken as a main guideline only!
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