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DHS W968 Number 1 Code 1520 - Liang Jingkun (Player Edition)

DHS W968 Number 1 Code 1520 - Liang Jingkun (Player Edition)

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DHS W968 Number 1 Code 1520 - Liang Jingkun (Player Edition)

Thickness: 6.07 mm
Weight:  90.5 grams

Date of Production: 2020

This special blade made for Liang Jingkun is the reversed side of the W965 or W968 code 1520: It has Ayous on forehand and Limba on backhand.

## W968 with code 1520, is the same structure as the W965 (Limba forehand, Ayous backhand).

  📍 DHS W965 blade uses built-in yellow and black carbon fiber, heterogeneous surface materials on both sides (forehand Limba, backhand Ayous). It has the same structure as the W968 used by Ma Long, and its performance characteristics are basically the same as those of the W968. On the basis of the W968, it strengthens the ability to hold the ball in the backhand.


Introduction to Ma Long’s special W968 table tennis blade:
The DHS W968 adopts a 5+2 built-in fiber structure (limba surface material + Ayous force material + yellow and black Fang carbon fiber + Ayous core material + yellow and black Fang carbon fiber + Ayous force material + Limba surface material).

The W968's integrated fiber structure features make it easy to use near and far from the table. It is full of strength and has the upper hand in the arc which makes it difficult for the opponent to defend.

Ma Long and many other top players from all over the world use this blade.


Different version of the blade:

W968 is divided into provincial team version and national team version. The provincial team version is often referred to as the alphabet version.

For the provincial team. The code starts with HL5 and consists of English letters + serial number.

The digital version w968 is divided into official commercial version and national team internal version. The code starts with W968 and consists of digital date + serial number.

What is sold in the link is an internal version for use by the provincial and national teams, and is an unofficial version.

Special note: Understanding of the codes written on the handle, here is a summary of the codes meaning:

1. Encoding W968 20220101-1: This encoding is the regular version of W968, used by Ma Long and others.

2. Encoding W968 18XX is W968-8, 19XX is w968-9, and xx refers to the year. It is based on the regular version of the special w968 with a thicker core, which improves the overall support of the bottom plate and can be used for both forehand and backhand in a better way. Representative figures: Wang Yidi, Liang Jingkun, etc.

3. Encoding W968 09xx is the previous special C09. The 0920 version is based on the regular version W968 and increases the carbon content in the mixed fiber. The fiber layer is thinner, the overall board body is harder, crisper feel and the elasticity is greater.

** All Products are original, there is a serial code on the product. you can check authenticity of the product on the official DHS website:


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