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Table Tennis Thailand

Li-Ning Asian Games 2023 national team backpack

Li-Ning Asian Games 2023 national team backpack

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Li-Ning Asian Games 2023 national team backpack
Size: 320*180*490
Material composition: nylon material

1. The design of the main body is full of seals, and the design of overlapping five stars and the sky full of stars is used. The side of the bag records the history of the National Table Tennis Asian Games, and the national glory will always be remembered in the heart.

2. Composite nylon body material, with hot-pressed textured film rubber bottom, tear-resistant, light and waterproof.

3. The U-shaped zipper design on the top cover increases the pocket opening of the main compartment, making it more convenient to take things; the bottom compartment is temperature-proof and water-repellent, and the entire inner tank is made of aluminum film material, which is convenient for storing ice packs and ice water during training.

4. Detail design, charging cable fixing hole, pendant D ring, are all made of carefully selected details and materials, providing a variety of usage methods.

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